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More About Us
I always had a dream to manage my own tourist business. Management was in my blood, and I started to manage choir tours, Building projects and in 2010 I started with Bendor Bayete furnished accommodation. I manage the accommodation side of the dream but the the touring side is still a challenge!!! The name of our accommodation facility is derived from the Bendor suburb in Polokwane where we live. Bayete means “Greetings to the King” Our vision at Bendor Bayete is to greet you in this fashion and treat you like royalty for the duration of your stay here. We are passionate about people and enjoy the variety of nationalities and cultures visiting Bendor Bayete. Contact us for news about Bendor Bayete and how you can benefit by staying with us on your visits to the Limpopo Province.
Owners of Bendor Bayete Self Catering Accommodation in Polokwane.